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Atka Ira Council
Klawock IRA Pull Tab Shoppe
Metlakatla Indian Bingo
Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs
Organized Village of Kake Bingo
Shoonaq’ Tribal Bingo
Sitka Tribal Bingo
Tlingit & Haida Indian Bingo

Pull Tab Casinos in Alaska:
Pull-tabs have been available in bars across Alaska for some time now, and many people who are at the bar will purchase them or use them in a way that they feel is correct. Although many of the religious and moral leaders feel that this attitude is frivolous, it has benefited the community in taxes. With the legalisation of pull-tabs, the native lands have warmed to the idea. The more pull-tabs that are sold on native land, the more beneficial for the government, as it costs a considerable amount of money to keep the native lands in a decent order. Pull-tabs, amongst other areas, such as poker and other card games are legal on US land, and will continue to be. The current trend in opening up the gambling market is a beneficial statement to many people, from tourists to the Alaskans themselves.

Here is a list of the Alaska Casinos / Bingo shops that also have pull tabs available:

Atka IRA Council
Klawock IRA Pull Tab Shoppe
Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs
Sitka Tribal Bingo

Get to an Alaskan Casino and play pull tabs today!

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